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Thursday, April 4, 2013

4 and 5 months

So this mama is a little behind on the blogging and this post is all about the little man who I have been cuddling and playing with that has kept me from blogging.
So here it is:
4 Months
Stats: 17 lbs 26 1/2 inches
Wears size 9-12 month clothing, Size 3 diapers, Taking 3 naps a day, Sleeping 8-9 hours a night!
This little dude steals our heart everyday! O is certainly growing leaps and bounds he is getting better at sitting up especially when he has some support. He can roll from he belly to his back and his back to his belly. He smiles and laughs so much the highlight of my day is when we wake up to the big smiles and him chattering. His big discovery this month has been his feet, oh how he loves to talk to them. He has also discovered his love of mama and that there are other people who like to hold him that aren't his mama and he isn't so keen on that!

Now for some pics:

Month 5:
Stats: 18 lbs 27 inches
Wears: Mostly 12 and some 18 month clothing, Size 3 shoes, Size 3 diapers. Taking 2-3 naps a day and sleeping 8-10 hours at night (except when he is teething :(
We had a lot of firsts with our little man this month. We went to his first wedding, where he rocked an awesome little suit! He stopped using his swaddle completely and cannot sleep without his monkey which we found out (bad mommy mistake). We tried rice cereal with him and then have been introducing a new food every 4 days and just like with nursing he LOVES to eat. I have launched into the art of making making baby food and I love it and making sure that he puts the best in his body! So far we have tried avocado, sweet potatoes and pes all of which he loves (especially avocado which this mama loves since it has such good things in it). O also went to his first Jackalope Jump this year and cheered with Grandma and mama for Special Olympics.
He is truly the joy of our lives and we are so blessed to be his parents. We are so excited about this funny, loving and goofy personality that is coming out of our little boy. This next month we are so excited to dedicate him in our church. We want to declare to be an example of faith in his life and that we know that the Lord has great plans for this child and we will do our best to lead him to follow and love God!
We love you Owen Matthew!



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  1. Love the update. It's fun to see what he's doing. He is growing and changing so fast. He's lucky to have such awesome parents.